Specialty Machining Tool Room
Richardson Manufacturing Company features a one-stop job shop for all of your custom machining needs called RMC Specialty Machining. RMC Specialty Machining not only supports our custom tooling and fixture needs, but also serves the local communities’ low volume machining needs, with a focus on repair, prototype, and work-holdings. This shop has a very skilled and competent staff to help you with any of your custom needs, from design and engineering to machining and fabrication. We offer a large range of processes, such as manual and CNC machining, plasma and waterjet cutting, welding, grinding, fixture design, and oxy burning. We can accommodate part sizes less than one inch and up to three meters.

Applications in the past have included projects like shaft/arbor repair, custom component machining, welding services, engineering design, and many others. Comfortable with a wide range of materials and processes, our staff will always find a way to coordinate with the customers’ needed lead times in order to meet deadlines. Please give us a call to learn how we can accommodate you.

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Specialty Machining
General Capabilities

Machining Capabilities
• CNC Milling & Turning
• CNC Plasma Cutting
• Honing
• Metal Fabrication
• Grinding
• Oxy Burning
• CNC Waterjet Cutting

• TIG                      • MIG
• Weld Repair      • Gouging
• Bore Welding     • Brazing
• GTAW (tig)         • SMAW
• GMAW (mig)      • FCAW

• CAM Programming
• CAD Modeling (2-D, 3-D)
• Prototypes
• Jigs & Fixtures
• Tooling


Max (Oxy Burning-Steel)
2 in
50.8 mm

Max (Plasma Cutting-Steel)
.750 in Steel
19.05 mm
Max (Waterjet)
8 in
70 in x 190 in (length & width)
Tolerances ± .0001”
Length Max
9.84 ft / 3m
Width Max
9.84 ft / 3m
Production Volume • Custom Product                                • Prototypes                                • Repairs
Intended Application

• Shafts & Arbors Build and                • Custom Metal Signs                • Non-Standard Thread Cutting
   Repair                                                 • Sheet Metal Cutting                • Precision Gauge and
• Tool Repair                                         • Extrusion Die Repair                 Master Design and Build
• Custom Industrial                                                                                    • Custom Design & Build
   Workbenches                                                                                            Fixtures and Chucks